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Conceived and designed by two idiots on scaffolding

Hopefully you will find something to laugh at in what follows.

However, the Gazette owners accept no responsibility for cracked ribs, split sides, dour expressions, dementia, hysteria, ricketts, or any other malady you might discover yourself to be suffering from when you leave here.


While there is no medical evidence to support the theory that insanity is contagious, readers are hereby given the chance to leave at once and therefore not risk their mental health.

 Entry to this site is entirely at your own risk.

We awarded ourselves a PG* certificate.

As a responsible parent you should guide your child carefully through this site.

Ensure that you are always on hand to explain jokes, terms of reference and why you came here anyway.

Are you a geologist?




If the answer is yes to any of the above you are welcome to the foundation page from where you can explore the humour that derives from rocks, stones and anything vaguely hard.


The Rockbreeders Gazette

Established in 1872 on a wet Thursday afternoon in Barnsley.


This issue No. 6870

 * Parental Guidance 

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(In case you weren't paying attention)

This week:

Focus on EU legislation - Abuse of Inanimate Objects and Mineral Rights 

Articles by Sven and the Idiot:


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