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Sven The Scaffolder


There are many uses for a collection of tubes and clamps which are lumped together under the generic term “scaffolding”. Most notably, and foremost amongst these manifold uses is to raise a working platform higher than ground level or ground zero as we call it in the trade. 

I have personally seen with my own eye many examples of this elevated working area and have many tales to tell of how raising one’s position can assist when erecting stuff. Like buildings. 

The horror stories bandied about by so-called “Health & Safety Officers” are mainly of dubious veracity and have no use other than to frighten children, and are far outweighed by the millions of tales relating to the pure joy of looking down upon one’s fellow man (or woman) especially woman as many a scaffolder has had to resist the impulse to dive from several tens of feet into an inviting cleavage.

 This ability to resist such a temptation is indeed the natural and possibly in-born dividing line which separates us from our less inhibited cousins, roofers, some of whom have been given most glorious send-offs attended by hundreds form the high working community, when their dives have been seriously miss-timed causing the inevitable, and nearly always fatal, collision with ground zero.

 Anyway, enough of these morbid thoughts. Life above the norm is one of mainly uplifting pleasure and the concomitant use of the nigh-on magical Fjord Transit® ensures that in terms of job satisfaction, one cannot hope to achieve more.

 Adjö för nu



Next week: The New Transit®. Can it carry the same 7 tons of scaffold poles and clips as the old 3.5t model?


What was this?

This weeks Competition.

Our thanks to the entries for last week's compo but no one guessed correctly that it was the great wall of China. We decided to award the prize to the author of the letter below as she was nearest in our opinion.


This is my entry into your competition for the identity of the monument or building from a pile of stones.

 Is it the Eiffel Tower?

 If I am the winning entry (or indeed the only entrant) I would welcome suggestions from the Editor as to a suitable quarry in which to spend the three days as my prize.  I am unfamiliar with quarries as yet and would bow to your knowledge in this instance.  I would be more than pleased to write up a report on my experience that maybe you could use in a future issue of The RockBreeders Gazette.

 Thank you

 Felicity Hornbucket (Miss)

 P.S. Do you get much Sexual Harassment in quarries?