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New legislation from Brussels

Will it affect you?


The ‘Abuse of inanimate objects’ act is soon to be implemented.

This will ban the beating of concrete mixers (for cleaning purposes), the striking of shuttering and scaffolding and the shooting of levels. However, levels can still be shot if found to be wildly inaccurate.

As these practices are on general, everyday use on most, if not all building sites it will severely affect the way we work.

As is to be expected with European blanket legislation, guidelines on replacement ways of continuing with the business of erecting viable structures are not yet in place and there seems to be no sign of their publication any time soon.

A spokesman from the office of building practices (everyday things division) was unable to give anything other than unintelligible grunts when interrogated about how to clean out a grubby concrete mixer.

Our advice is to continue as before and be aware of any suspicious looking Brussels-like individuals entering your site. Having a fairly deep hole and a fresh batch of ferro-concrete to hand is strongly suggested although legal requirements ban us from giving out any hints as to how these should be employed in case of need.




From around the world


It was reported that up to 14 people were killed in Kazakhstan by a rock slide.

It seems that in spite of the obvious dangers there will, in future, be notices warning people to keep off the playground facilities for rocks in this country.



Harry Pertwee, a gifted amateur geologist has been found safe and well in the foothills of the Atlas mountains. He had been reported missing by friends last week after wandering away from a tour party gathering samples for souvenirs.

“I was overcome by the huge numbers of rocks around me and lost my bearings”, he said.