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I feel I must take issue with your assumption that Sven The Scaffolder is, in fact, Swedish. 

His command of English seems too entirely unnaturally good for someone of foreign extraction. 

I firmly believe he is not whom he and yourself claim him to be but more than likely he is Lord Lucan under a nom de plume. 

If his name is indeed Sven I cannot honestly subscribe to the notion that he learnt English from fellow scaffolders on a German building site. No one with such a silly sounding name would be tolerated by any self-respecting Geordie builder. 

Yours truly,

Issake Cholmondley-Smythe (Bricky)


 Dear Editor

 Perhaps one of your readers can help with my problem? Well at least with the problem of striations I get when crossing purebred granite with Cotswold stone and not the one involving reticent sheep for which I have posted a query on the Netscape “Merino fanciers” message board. 

I am unsure of the heritage of my Cotswold and wonder if that is what is causing these strange lines which often resemble Keith Richards in the resulting stones. 

Have any of your readers had the same problem? And what can I do to resolve this? 

I have subscribed to your esteemed publication for many years and cannot recall any articles having any reference to my predicament.

 Yours truly,

S. Toney-Brikke




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Dearest Editor

 Last week’s article on foundations was fascinating.

 Keep it up!

 Yours lovingly

 Emily Higgins  XXX








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